New ‘supersonic’ plane could fly from London to New York in one hour

There has been a successful test of a brand-new supersonic space plane that could fly from London to New York in under one hour. This plane will fly at 25 times the speed of sound!

This brand-new state of the art flying machine will uses what is known as ‘pre cooler’ technology to stop parts of the aircraft elating as it hits top speeds.

This is a major major breakthrough created by British engineers from Oxford (a company called ‘Reaction’). It is understood that the aircraft could travel at a shockingly fast 4200 mph.

The SABRE engine (Synthetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine), can lower the temperature of compressed air from more than 1000c to room temperature in one 20th of a second.

The testing of the new supersonic plane was conducted at the newly opened test facility at Colorado and space port.

The amazing aircraft will be even faster than the Legendary Concorde aircraft that could do the trip in just over 3.5 hours, this could start off the return of ‘supersonic’ flight returning.

London businesses will be thrilled to learn of the news as it means in a post Brexit world, business meetings with New York and London based companies could take place in the same day with both parties being home by evening time for dinner.

(Image Credit: REACTION LTD)

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